Somewhere in Time Weekend 2011 - Article from INSITE Fourth Quarter 2011

"Jane Seymour...A Passion For Painting" Article from INSITE First Quarter 2006 with color images!

Barely In Time:

Confessions of a Somewhere in Time Extra  By Jo Addie    

Three incredible weeks spent working on an incredible film

with incredible people.

Jane Seymour Attends Somewhere in Time Weekend  

Fascinating Facts About Somewhere in Time  

Did you know about the Academy Award Nomination? The Location?  Or how

big a hit the film was in the Orient?

Frequently Asked Questions About Somewhere in Time  

By Jo Addie

Planning Somewhere in Time Parties
By Jo Addie

A Long Awaited Reunion with Christopher Reeve  

By Jo Addie

Christopher Reeve Stories  

By Jo Addie  

Christopher Reeve's Courageous Steps  

By Jo Addie  

James Cameron's Titanic: A Familiar Story

By Eileen Maugle

The SIT/Titanic Connection: That Which You Sink  

By Bob Simonson