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BR2 (larger)


Our favorite piece of Somewhere in Time Jewelry--The Bracelet (BR1) tells the entire story of Somewhere in Time in symbols and settings! As you wear it, the bracelet turns around your wrist and reveals different pieces, evoking memories of precious scenes from the movie! Choose Gold Plate or Rhodium Plate.*

From left to right, Movie title in oval, Round Island Lighthouse, Horse-and-Carriage in oval, The Gazebo, Elise Portrait, Grand Hotel, and the Pocketwatch! This wonderful bracelet is full of pretty details. It has a brilliant shiny finish and is planished (hammered) to sparkle. Made by a nationally known jewelry maker in San Francisco, U.S.A. It may look delicate--but is remarkably strong!!! We wear ours every day! Also comfortable to wear because of the curve in each piece. All links are soldered. A quality piece to reflect the beauty of the film.

7 1/2 inches long. (If you need a larger size, see BR2 which has an extra piece, Richard's Derby! No extra charge)

Comes on our green marble card. Please see all our other lovely Somewhere in Time Jewelry! (And we have also just created Mackinac Island Memories Jewelry!!!)

*Rhodium is a fine metal sold by the ounce, bright 'white' silver in color and never tarnishes. Far better than silver. Is used to plate platinum.

$48.00   Hear a what our customers say!



BR2 (XL)The same gorgeous bracelet as BR1, but a little longer for larger wrists, with the added piece of Richard's derby hat! Just over 8 inches long. Choose gold or silver (rhodium) plate. Looks delicate, but don't let that fool you--it's very strong! Comes in a gold gift box.