INSITE Accomplishments

Founded in 1990, (by Bill Shepard) INSITE exists to Honor the film, and those responsible for its creation, to Inform members about all aspects of the film to enhance their appreciation of it, as well as to Influence public and media perception of the film, to assure its recognition as the classic we know it to be.

INSITE has  published over 1,900 pages (over 80 issues) on the film since 1990.

INSITE is proud to have successfully accomplished several worthwhile projects, including:

An annual Somewhere in Time Weekend at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI each October, since 1991.  There have been 20 such extraordinary events. We celebrated the film's 30th Anniversary in October 2010. 

We've been joined by SIT Celebrities each year, most notably Christopher Reeve, in 1994 (Event Video #3), and Jane Seymour in 2002. (See SIT Event DVDs in the Collectibles Store.)  Jo Addie, INSITE President/Editor, has also held other events to celebrate the movie in Chicago and Los Angeles.

A permanent monument in the form of a beautiful plaque bearing the "Is It You? Scene at the site of Richard and Elise's first meeting, at the Mackinac lakeshore, unveiled in 1993. (SIT Event  DVD #2)

INSITE celebrated the film’s 15th Anniversary in Los Angeles (1995) when Jane Seymour and 18 other SIT Celebrities joined us for the festivities (SIT Event DVD #4). And then in 2000 we held three celebrations for the 20th Anniversary!

In 2002 Jane Seymour attended the SIT Weekend at Grand Hotel. Enjoy every great moment on SIT Event DVD #6 “Jane Seymour Returns to Mackinac.  

Our proudest moment yet: INSITE funded the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Christopher Reeve, dedicated April 15, 1997. (Event DVD #5)

INSITE co-sponsored a Walk of Fame Star for Jane Seymour, unveiled on April 20, 1999.

INSITE has raised over $20,000 for spinal cord research in honor of Christopher Reeve, donated to CRPF.

INSITE has been acknowledged by Universal Studios for helping to make SIT a classic, on the SIT Collectors Edition DVD (released in 2000) in an unprecedented Fan Club segment.  Jo Addie, INSITE President since 1999, is responsible for getting Universal to create the DVD, which has 3 1/2 hours of bonus material.  She and Bill Shepard (INSITE Founder)  appear on the DVD.  Jo also worked on SIT and has been friends with Chris Reeve and Jane Seymour since.  (Read her amazing story in the Articles Section, "Barely in Time."

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