Many of our website visitors have asked for a Somewhere In Time theme music midi. Well, we've had one for quite some time, but our testing has shown that MIDI files, in general, don't play reliably, or even sound the same on different computers and sound cards. We strive for high quality, such as befits this wonderful movie, and have resisted including any music or sound files on our site because of the lack of quality control.

However, so many have asked, that we find it simpler to include what we have here with the above disclaimer.  We hope you like it, and that it plays well for you.

Somewhere In Time Theme Midi

Many have also asked where they can purchase the soundtrack CD. The simplest way is to order directly through the Music section of our online store.




Sound Clips

Most browsers will play both .aif and .wav, but if you want to use these as enhancements to your computer system, Windows likes .wav, and Macs like, well, Macs like everything, but .aif files are native.  The following are a few favorite SIT clips, along with suggested uses for your computer's sound effects.





"Have we ever met before?" 

[start-up effect]






"See you around, Arthur." 

[shut-down effect]






"Thank you for a most pleasant afternoon." 

[shut-down effect]






"Is it you?" 

[start-up effect]






"Come back to me." 

[shut-down effect]






"Why are you here?" 

[error message]




& Elise: 


"Excess within control." 

[empty recycle bin]




Sound Byte

Here's a special surprise! A clip from the Art Bell show.  Art has retired once again, this time for certain.  He and his wife Romona attended the 1999 Somewhere In Time Weekend at Grand Hotel. 

Time Travel fans, here's one for you!

Art Bell, who often dealt with time travel on his show, interviewed theoretical physicist Dr. Micho Kaku in November, 1998.  Near the end of the program, Art worked his way up to the question (from the film), "Is time travel possible?"  He specifically references his "all time favorite movie", Somewhere In Time.

This clip is about 2:15 in length, and is in the RealPlayer G2 format.  You can download a free player from www.real.comAs we don't stream audio or video, you'll have to wait for the clip to download before the player will launch and play the clip for you.