Milestones for Somewhere In Time,

“The Most Romantic Love Story Ever Filmed” 

1975 . . .

Famed science-fiction/horror author Richard Matheson publishes his novel, “Bid Time Return”. He was inspired by having seen the photograph of famous American stage actress, Maude Adams, in Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada.

He researches her and finds many interesting, puzzling facts of her oddly reclusive life, which spawns his theory that it may have been a love affair . . .


1976 . . .

Studio lawyer Stephen Deutsch (now Simon) reads and loves the novel and seeks out Matheson; makes a handshake agreement to someday turn the novel into a film. 

1978 . . . 

Stephen Deutsch, Richard Matheson and Jeannot Szwarc team up to revise screenplay, and through much arm-twisting with Universal, finally get the green light to make the film. Universal 'owed Szwarc a favor' for saving Jaws II, which becomes the biggest hit for the studio that year. Szwarc calls in his 'favor', his fervent desire to make SIT. But studio relents only with the condition that they cut the budget in half.


1979 . . .

Hotel del Coronado is found unsuitable for filming because it has too many modern changes, including aluminum windows, antennas on the roof, also high-rise convention center on property and modern tennis courts. From the book, “Great American Hotels”, Grand Hotel is spotted, and director, producer visit Mackinac Island in February, when it is covered in ice and snow, to scout locations. The decision is made for movie’s location. 

Filming of Somewhere In Time, Universal Studios, starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer (retitled from “Bid Time Return”)

Filming begins last week of May in Chicago for five days, and then six weeks (June through July 16) on Mackinac Island, Michigan (Jo Addie falls into working on SIT through unique circumstances, see her article “Barely in Time”.) 


1980 . . .

Cast and Crew Screening, April 12, Universal Studios back lot. 


Premiere of Somewhere In Time, Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Sept 17, 18, 19, 1980 (during Actors’ Strike, stars are unable to attend.) 


Film Release, October 3, 1980: This is considered the ‘birth’ of the film.


Somewhere In Time runs in theatres for approximately three short weeks. Critics mostly trash the film, though a great review appears in Variety magazine. Actors cannot make public appearances on talk shows to promote it during a strike, so no positive buzz can be generated for it.


1981 . . .

Film receives its only Academy Award Nomination, for Best Costume Design, but loses to the film, Tess

The film is ‘resurrected’ through then existing cable stations, first to show it is (now defunct) Z Channel, in California. Audience reaction is astounding. Cable stations receive countless calls and letters asking to run it over and over. 


Soundtrack sales are phenomenal. (Soundtrack by John Barry) SIT is used as a ‘test’ by Universal, running it on all cable stations then in existence, to see the impact cable can have on soundtrack sales market. (Article detailing this appeared in Variety magazine)


1984 . . .

SIT is released in the Orient. It becomes a blockbuster hit in Hong Kong, running in The Palace Theatre for 18 months straight, to lines waiting to see it. (SIT eventually ranks 6th in the Top Ten Highest Grossing Films of all time in China, named so in the late 1990s. Four of the top ten are Chinese, six are American films.) 


1990 . . . 

APRIL:  Bill Shepard founds INSITE, International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts, and publishes first issue of quarterly magazine.

1991 . . .

:  First Somewhere In Time Weekend held at Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan. Celebrities include Director Jeannot Szwarc, Richard Matheson, Costume Designer Jean-Pierre Dorleac, among others. 


1992 . . . 

  SIT Weekend is documented in First SIT Event Video, produced by Jim and Jo Addie, documenting this phenomenon for all to enjoy. (See the Video section of our online store. Video #1 includes entire Movie Locations Tour, private interview with actor Bill Erwin ("Arthur"), among other highlights.) 


1993 . . .

OCTOBER:  INSITE unveils its tribute to SIT, a permanent monument to the film, a nickel/bronze plaque with laser-engraved photo commemorating the “Is it You?” site. Director and Cinematographer unveil plaque during SIT Weekend.
OCTOBER:  SIT Weekend is documented in Event Video #2, including fabulous Celebrity Panel, featuring Director Szwarc and Cinematographer, Isidore Mankofsky, and private interviews with each. (See the Video section of our online store.)

Annual Somewhere In Time Weekends at Grand Hotel are always sold-out events for the last weekend of their season. 


1994 . . .

MAY:  Bill Shepard publishes his book, “The Somewhere In Time Story”, a detailed account of the history of the film, from Richard Matheson’s inspiration, all the way through production, to the film’s achieving ‘cult classic’ status.

Now in its 5th printing, (updated in May 2002), this is the one collectible no fan should be without. (See Book section of our online store.)

OCTOBER: Christopher Reeve returns to Mackinac Island for SIT Weekend. (2-hour best-moments coverage, including fabulous private interviews with Chris, Susan French and editor on SIT Event Video #3, see our online store) 

1995 . . .

Jo Addie conducts an interview with Jane Seymour on the set of "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman".  The interview, which took place the day before Somewhere In Time's 15th Anniversary Celebration, is featured on the 15th Anniversary Event Video, available in our online store.
Jo Addie holds 15th Anniversary Celebration for the film in Los Angeles. Jane Seymour attends, along with 18 other SIT Celebrities. (Event coverage on 2-hour SIT Event Video #4

1997 . . .

FEBRUARY: The Official Somewhere In Time Website debuts, authored and designed by Jim and Jo Addie. 

APRIL:  INSITE honors Christopher Reeve with his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jane Seymour and Glenn Close are INSITE’s chosen speakers. Afterglow party held in Cheers Bar set, located in Hollywood Entertainment Museum. (SIT Event Video #5 covers every moving moment) 

AUGUST: Jo Addie holds Midwest Regional SIT Event in Chicago, Illinois, at the Art Deco movie palace, The Gateway Theatre. Event gives fans opportunity to celebrate the film for less expense, and with local Chicago Celebrities who appeared in the film, such as Tim Kazurinsky.


1999 . . .

APRIL: INSITE co-sponsors (with "Dr. Quinn" fans) Jane Seymour’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Jo Addie becomes Universal Studios licensee for the film, designs and creates Official SIT Collectibles, for the purposes of promoting the film, making fans happy, and garnering royalties for her friends, Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. (Neither star received any royalties for sales of SIT movie videos or rentals, which have been phenomenal for the studio, yet the stars never got to share in the film’s success. SIT was released just before home video was an issue, so their contracts didn’t include it. Chris donates all his royalties to spinal cord research.) 

AUGUST: Jo Addie approaches Universal executives, via an e-mail ‘campaign’ she writes (detailing the film’s legacy with impressive statistics) asking for creation of a 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD, plus asking for a limited re-release of the film. By October, Film receives special treatment for restoration, the creation of an expensive ‘answer’ print, which is shown at Grand Hotel SIT Weekend, October, 1999.


2000 . . .

20th Anniversary of Somewhere In Time. The film is celebrated at three events: an all-day Chicago fete, in June, coordinated by Jo Addie; an all-day 20th Anniversary Hollywood Party (also coordinated by Jo Addie) held at Universal’s Backlot Commissary in August, and the 10th Annual SIT Weekend at Grand Hotel in October. Universal announces release of the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition DVD, (release date October 31) with 3 1/2 hours of bonus material, including an unprecedented segment on INSITE, (on which Founder Bill Shepard and Jo Addie appear), acknowledging all that INSITE has accomplished in making the film a classic. Hour-long documentary features ALL key creators of the film, including John Barry, Matheson, Szwarc, Simon, all key Cast, including Reeve, Seymour, even Christopher Plummer. 

The best thing - Universal holds an all-out first-time red carpet Premiere for a DVD in NY (AMC Empire Theatre, October 24th) to kick off the SIT 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition, at which both Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, as well as Teresa Wright and Stephen Simon attend. 125 INSITE members attend in period costume. This event is monumental in several ways … finally, the ‘wound’ of having SIT premiere without its stars is healed twenty years later, Universal heralds INSITE for its efforts to promote the film, and it is the only SIT Event at which both Reeve and Seymour attend together. (Video segment of this event appears on the 2002 “Jane Seymour Returns to Mackinac” video, produced by the Addies.) Universal also creates three new 35mm prints of SIT, for the limited re-release in theatres. SIT is shown in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, among other cities, throughout most of 2001. 


2002 . . .

12th Annual SIT Weekend at Grand Hotel is graced by first-time return to island by Jane Seymour. (Every great moment is captured for all to enjoy on SIT Event Video #6, which includes bonus segment on NY Premiere of SIT).

SIT Producer Stephen Simon publishes his book, “The Force is With You,” describing over 70 movies with metaphysical themes. He writes most extensively on Somewhere In Time, and his other Matheson collaboration, What Dreams May Come, and debuts the book at the SIT Weekend. (Book available in our online store.) 


2004 . . .


FEBRUARY: The Official Somewhere In Time Website gets a beautiful new design, by fan and website designer, Holly Jonas. 

2004 marks 25 years since the filming of SIT on Mackinac Island.

The Original Somewhere in Time Pocket Watch movie prop was finally located!  A 25-year mystery solved!  An extensive 9-page feature story about this special timepiece is published in 1st Quarter INSITE issue!  The full amazing story, documentation, close-up photos and history of the watch company who created it, included.  (to receive this issue, see Fan Club section)

Christopher Reeve passes away, October 10, 2004, at the age of 52.  The world loses a friend, star and inspirational hero of the highest order.  (See News Section for Tribute to Chris info)  

INSITE presents a Memorial to Chris at the 14th Annual SIT Weekend, Oct 29--31. 

INSITE publishes a special 28-page Tribute to Chris in its 3rd Quarter 2004 issue.


2005 . . .

2005 marks Somewhere In Time's 25th Anniversary.

Just in time for 2005,  the 25th Anniversary of the movie, an all-new edition of "The Somewhere in Time Story" by INSITE Founder, Bill Shepard, comes off the press  (October 2004)!  The fan's guide to the film, updated and expanded to include all the milestones for the movie and over 125 photos, this must-have volume is now available.  (See the online store for all it offers!)

2010 . . .

2010 marks Somewhere In Time's 30th Anniversary.
2013 . . .

The Somewhere in Time Musical produced by Ken Davenport had its World Premiere at Portland Center Stage Theater, Portland OR, May 31, 2013. The musical production is planned to open on Broadway during the 2014 season.

June 23, 2013, Richard Matheson, the creator of Somewhere in Time, both novel and screenplay, passed away at his home surrounded by his loved ones. He was 87.

Somewhere in Time Jewelry is now available!  Sweet designs evocative of the settings and symbols of our favorite love story--for the first time ever!  (see online store)